EQUINOX introduces the new carbon spoke wheel generation

01. Januar 2011

Direct Impulse Transmission.

This wheel set weights no more than 1,000 grams. It is one of the lightest wheels which has ever built. Its performance surpasses, perhaps, all the carbon wheel sets among its category. This wheel set system is composed of three major parts:
a. Super Light Wheel (265 grams each rim).
b. Integrated Carbon Spoke System.
c. A Carbon Hub Specifically Designed for Carbon Spoke System.

Advantages of this wheel set system:
1. Direct Impulse System
The spoke system is integrated with the hub set. The power transmission is more direct and solid. There is no energy loss through frictions between spokes and spoke holes.
2. Stiffness
The carbon structure is more stiffer than any metal spoke system.
3. Maintenance
Unlike some “one-piece” construction carbon wheel sets, each part can be maintained and serviced separately. This design saves a lot of time for the users to do the maintenance and also cost if one of the parts needs to be replaced.

Overall, this wheel set is an innovative design that provides the customers with the best performance, the most affordable cost, and the easiest access of spare parts, if needed.


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